Creative & Art Direction
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Selected Works

Moonlight Basin Rebranding and Advertising Campaign

As Creative & Art Director for Moonlight Basin Ski Resort, Big Sky, Montana, I was responsible for setting the visual direction for all advertising and marketing materials. This series of ads represent the rebranding direction I created for the 2009–2010 season’s advertising. The ads were designed to convey the resorts strongest qualities — friendly ski atmosphere, Montana hospitality and the unique skiing found on Lone Peak. The ads ran in regional print publications and a similar look was brought to the web site. Portrait photography by Tony Demin.

Moonlight Basin Carve Campaign

These ads were designed to appeal to the more extreme skiers and snowboarders at Moonloght Basin. With some of the most challenging in–bound terrain in the lower 48 states, it was important to address the niche aspects of Moonlight Basin in a bold, memorable manner. Utilizing hand drawn type and grainy imagery, the ads ran in Carve, a special insert of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Various Photographers.

Moonlight Basin On–Hill Promotional Posters

On–hill promotions were an important awareness campaign to promote special events and offers at Moonlight Basin. These 11x17 posters were intended to give each event its own visual identity while working within the broader design direction I created for the resort. Over 30 unique designs were created for the 2009–2010 season. Various photographers contributed to this series.

Moonlight Basin Photoshoot

Capturing the energy and personality of Moonlight Basin was critical for the success of the rebranding. I concepted and directed two photoshoots with the great ski lifestyle photographer Tony Demin. Tony not only captured the essence of Moonlight Basin, his experience in the ski industry is evident in the quality of his work. See more of Tony’s work   here .

Montana State University, College of Arts and Architecture
President’s Fine Arts Series 2010–2011

The President’s Fine Art Series is an on going showcase of national and regional creative talent. It is importand that the PFAS has contemporary, visually strong design to not only promote the program, but also position the College of Arts and Architecture as a dynamic and energetic academic unit within the University and community. The 200-2011 series, the third year I designed the Fine Arts Series was based on the beauty of abstract, long exposure night photography. The series included both print and a   Microsite .

Montana State University, College of Arts and Architecture
President’s Fine Arts Series 2009–2010

The 2009–2010 President’s Fine Arts Series focused on Montana’s creative individuals. Intent on breaking the expected and cliched mountain and wildlife imagery, I utilized photographs of rural Montana by Zachary Allen to create a less expected but equally dramatic view of the state. The series included both print and a  Microsite .

Montana State University, College of Arts and Architecture
President’s Fine Arts Series 2008–2009

The bold design and bright colors incorporated into the collateral for the 2008–2009 season reflects the excitement the this program generates in the community. This, the first year I designed for the program, utilized only type and graphics to create an identity that would be hard to miss. The series included both print and a  Microsite 

Montana State University, College of Arts and Architecture
Vision Catalogue 2012

An obvious but often overlooked distinction of educational institutions is the character of its students. By focusing on individual students and their accomplishments, an immediate connection is made between the audience and the College of Arts and Architecture. Each students stands as a symbol for their program by speaking for the student body as a whole while telling their story. This connection is strengthened by the documentary style of photography by Brittany Nelson.


Interior spreads

Montana State Photoshoot

Putting a face on MSU’s College of Arts and Architecture was clear—get some energetic, bright students and a great student photographer and let them tell the story of why they chose MSU. I directed this shoot with photographer Brittany Nelson

Montana State University, College of Arts and Architecture
I Am CAA Poster

Continuing with the visual language created for the CAA Vision 2012 book, I created this on–campus poster to promote the college.

Foray Media Collateral

Foray Media was a venture capital publishing company creating custom business to consumer publications. With only their logo established prior to this project, they were looking for a strong visual approach to announce their arrival and create the foundation for their business identity. The design evolved to include large blocks of bold colors and images that helped create an authoritative, yet professional appearance fit for a publisher.

Angie Foster Music CD and Identity

Having lived all over the world, Angie combines influences from multiple cultures into her music–making resulting in a contemporary sound with historical roots. I created this collaged image and design for her first CD to reflect her diverse and interesting upbringing. Using imagery and patterns from Angie’s world travels, coupled with a moody lounge singer atmosphere, a distinctive approach was established.

Alternative design

Alternative design

Phoenix Art Galleries — Three Identities

Roosevelt Row is Phoenix’s artistic hot spot. I’ve greated the identity for three galleries, two of which, Eye Lounge and Regular, are prominent displayed on their buildings.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Subscription Promo

Designed for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s newspaper vending machines to help advertise a subscription promotion and capture potential subscriber’s attention.

I Profess Poster

This poster was created for a traveling exhibition of design educators and their philosophy in the classroom. The design was a collaboration with my wife, Susan, incorporating elements reflecting both or design aesthetics. The exhibition traveled to numerous colleges and galleries between 2001 and 2005. More information about the show can be found at their  Web site .

Portland State University
Art Department Promotions

’s Art Department. Due to the variety of disciplines found within the department, an artistic approach to the design created a image for the department as a whole.

University of Ulsan Art Opening Poster

During the 2005–2006 academic year I had the opportunity to teach Design and Drawing at the University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea. At the end of the fall semester I designed this poster for my drawing class’ opening. The intentionally mis–registered colors and soft pastels makes reference to the poor quality of printing found on low end goods from China.

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